by Chelsea Nickerson

Andreas Lie is an engineering student living in Bergen, Norway. He’s 24 and has found an international audience with his work, most notably with the series “Norwegian Woods” that merges portraits of Norwegian animals with the landscapes in which they live. The use of digital double exposure - a process which involves merging two unique photographs to create one piece of art - provides a unique and wonderful expression and by using a simple idea in a new way he’s quickly became a recognizable artist.  
We Talked With Andreas Lie About His Artwork, Music, & His Spirit Animal...

Where does your inspiration come from? What made you start this animal series?

AL: I decided to start making prints for sale in late may 2014, in the beginning my first prints were of black silhouette animals with some mountains layered over it. I would rather call it texture work than double exposure. Gradually after I started experimenting with the double exposure style with people. The transition to do the same thing with animals was a natural one. I get a lot of inspiration by admiring other artists work, there are many great artists out there. But the ideas come to me while I’m in the shower, on a mountain hike or something like this. When I’m not working with it.  

You mentioned that you get a lot of inspiration from other artists. Do you have any in particular you really admire?

AL: I love the work of Chad Wys and Tchmo.  

How do you create your artwork? What is your process like?

AL: All my “double exposure” work is computer made. It’s made by different photography layered seamlessly together with Photoshop. But I do consider myself a mixed media artist, although my work is mainly all digital, I sometimes need to make for example, the watercoloring by hand, before photographing it and creating the final piece.

What do you have the most fun working on?

AL: I love to create something out of photography that is nothing special to begin with. A photo of trees can be made into this (below left). Some splattered ink into this (below right). 

Do you have a favorite piece? If so, is there a story behind it that makes it your favorite?

AL: I think it has to be this. No special story behind it, it is just very different to my other works. I am very happy with the coloring and the fact that it looks so “glitchy”. The title is: Exposed. It is made by multiple digital layers, some of it photography and the rest painting.

Amazing artwork aside, What are you passionate about? What puts a smile on your face?

AL: I am very passionate about music, so I go a lot to concerts, and also play some myself. Also, I like to go on mountain hikes, and I am very privileged with where I live because there are a lot of places I can go.

What/Who are you listening to right now?

AL: Right now I am listening a lot, to a Swedish band called Dungen which just released an album. They are a psychedelic-rock band inspired by Nordic folk music.

We have a lot of people that love to travel and hike as well, if they were in Norway, where would you recommend they go for a great Mountain hike?

AL: I have not been to many places myself. The interest came after I moved to Bergen, which is surrounded by 7 mountains. So I mainly stick to them. But if you are experienced and like to hike for days I would walk over Hardangervidden. I would also visit Lofoten which has very beautiful nature.

What’s your spirit animal?

AL: The sloth, I feel I can relate to that animal on so many levels. Especially on Sundays.

Scientists have finally figured out the secret to time travel, and have made a time machine. You’ve been selected as the first human to test this thing out. You can pick to go any place, any time. Where would you go and why?

AL: Fun question, the obligatory answer here is to kill Hitler before he got to power, right? I think I would go back to 1967 and see Jimi Hendrix play the Monterey Pop Festival.